We tried to dig a decent grave

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I just downloaded some of Amanda Palmer's new CD. I love it! My favorite song so far is "Oasis". I love the Dresden Dolls. Except its just her now.

We ran on the track today for basketball pre-season shit. I'm so out of shape. I hate it. I feel really gross. But now that I've worked out I feel better. Atleast I wasn't last.

I wore a rainbow bracelet today. I'm pretty sure there's this one bi girl at school that knows my secret. And wearing the bracelet probably added to it. But thats ok the more people know the better.. sort of. She looks at me weird... She knows thats why.


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Fuck Melissa Mahoney! Yeah

Fuck Melissa Mahoney!

Yeah if the rainbow bracelet wasn't a clue, I'm not sure what would be.

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your not...

your not out to alot of ppl huh?
it is sorta better that way your not pretending to be something your not, and thats the worse thing, just show it you dont really have to say it if you dont want to and if ppl dont get it then they're retarded. :)

"you tell me to be myself but when i try to you cant accept it."