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So it's been awhile. I'm tryin to get into writing these journals again but once you get out of things it's hard to get back in sometimes. I've been reading off and on.
So today i had court.. we turned my 6 demerit points into none and my $400 fine in $110.. very good if i say so myself... it means i get to keep my license which is the besst part. Then when i came home didn't feel like going ot the rest of the school day so i stayed here and kept myself entertained..
I just took a bath and watched Fox and the Hound 2.. im still watchig it. I used to hate bubble baths but now i enjoy them mostly because i have so much stress and it's also great when my back and the rest of my body hurts.
Yesterday I went to Piston's opening night. We shopped before hand... i got 3 disney movies and the new PINK Cd for under $50... i love shopping in the states... so many great sales. Normally even in the states 3 disney movies themselves are $60+
I have physio now.. catch up with ya'll later.


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Hard to tell if your day in court was good without knowing why you landed in court... if you're an unsafe driver, I'd prefer bigger fines and more points. :-)

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Jeff I'm in canada...

Jeff I'm in canada... ontario canada to be specific so i think it's safe to say you're safe..
But i am a safe driver. It was a mix of a bad corner, the guy stopping suddenly and slow reaction time. mostly bad corner.. 4 other accidents have happened there (exact location) that i know of since mine and i know of 6 before mine at the same location i'm obviously not the common factor in all those accidents.
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