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i'm totally stoned out of my head on my migrane meds at the moment, so my little bits of random, sage advice *gag* will have to wait until i can think clearly.

the room is spinning. isn't that fun? but at least my head doesn't hurt. that's what i keep telling myself. i fucking hate this. i'm floaty...and i can't stand it.

i'm hungry, too. i want a bagel. but i can't get downstairs (tried that already...nearly killed myself), and i can't ask my parents to do it. well, i could, but then i'd have to explain just how to do it, so that it's right, and by the time i finished with that, my mom'd be too pissed at me to do it.

oh my goodness...i am dead to the world. i tried reading earlier...that was fun. i kept going crosseyed.

my head doesn't hurt...that's the only good thing. migranes royally suck. mine feel like i have an icepick (long bit of pointy metal, for those who don't know) stuck through one of my eyebrows. apparently, there is significance to whether it's the left or right one, but i don't really give a flying fuck. the mile high club has never really appealed to me.

okay, that was a really lame joke, and now all of you are going to post comments going 'i didn't get it'. too bad. i'm so fucked up right now...

i don't even know why i'm typing anymore. i want to sleep. but i slept all day...maybe i'll sleep tonight, but i doubt it.

i hate meds. sleep meds are the worst. i'm part of like 10% of the population who has really fucked up reactions to them. like hallucinations. and i get so dizzy that not only can't i walk, i can't sit up.

okay, i'm going to stop writing now. maybe i can manage to play WoW for a while...that'd be interesting.