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I rarely post about boys. Or my homosexuality, directly. I think it's partly because of the lack of it in my life. Like boys. There's ZERO in my life. At least one's I like...

I mean there's that one kid that wants to sex me up... But he moved to MN and I didn't find him attractive. Then there's ex's fiance who thinks I'm studly and wouldn't mind seeing me sexed up with his fiance or sexing me up (he's a kinky bastard). But I don't find either of them all that attractive. So I'm pretty screwed in that department.

Speaking of homosexuality, right now in English we're reading "Catcher in the Rye". And we started discussing transexuality. It was brought up t'day (hotel scene) and everyone thought it was disturbing or perverted on the pervometer. Then I was just all like, "Nut-ugh! It's not perverted at all!".
Then they were all like, "you're crazy!
And I was all like, "Do they hurt you? Do transexuals murder you? Do they all have sex with little babies?"
Then, we got back on to the question at hand. The teacher meant to go back to it, but he forgot. Then he told me was gonna shake things up. He told me there a big ol' homosexuality scene in the book and that we'd have biggggg ol' discussions on it.
That teacher's relationship with me improved sooooo mcuh after Macbeth.

Anyway, so basically lifelong crush (like since the 5th grade) moved away this year. Well actually, he transfered. But still, I miss that kiddo. He was all athleticy and blond haired and blue eyed. He was wicked cute and funny. He was a good ball too (I love good-balls). I think he was a homo. I'm pretty sure of it. But he fricken moved away (grrrrrr!). Then the freshman I had a crush on... Well I dunt have a crush on him anymore. He was nice to look at, I guess, but he's gotz no substance. He's all "Brah! Brah! I have a penis and I'm all masculine!"

Then in 2nd block (I only gotz 4 blockz a day!), in math class, the table next to me started talking about how they would feel if they had a gay brother. And they were all like "No, I wouldn't relate to him at all". Then I turned around and I was all like, "Dude, you fucking homophobe. You're a fucking phony. You acted all accepting and tolerant, but you're really just an asshole." So, y'know, that pissed me off - rightfully. Then my tablemates got back from the the BR or some dealio like that and I was visibly pissed off and they were all like, "Dude wtf's wrong." Then I 'splained it to them and they were all like, "Fuckin' retards, they're so dumb." And my tablemates don't like the table next to me so they started to talk about it all loud and shit and they were all like in a loud voice like, "Like that's so stupid! Homosexuality doesn't matter. It's who you like, not who're you are!" It was good stuff.


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"Brah! Brah! I have a penis and I'm all masculine!"

That is the mentality of about 90% of the student population at my school. All-boys schools suck...
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