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There's no fucking boys around. I mean there are. But they're all heterosexual and usually engaged in their fucking heterosexual relationships. I mean there's fags around, but they're all ugly. It's not that they're even ugly or unattractive, it's that they're boring and immature. They're just not what I'm looking for.

There's this one kid. Ben. He's got the hots for me. I know it. My friends know it. Everyone knows it that has seen him around me. It pisses me off though. He's immature. He's brash. He's controlling. He's domineering.

Then Jackson. No one can tell that he likes me except for me. It's probably because no one cares about the kid. He's not annoying or anything. He isn't the best looking. He's kind of cool I guess. But he doesn't have any damn spirit. He's bland. He's kind of boring. He's kind of subfusc.

Then there's Kasey. So we almost dated. He's a friend of a friend. He talked on AIM. I meet him and he's controlling, pushy, clingy and annoying. He acted as if we were best fucking buds. He tried to hold my hand and he tried to put my arm around him. I'm sorry, I'm all for affection, but I need to be comfortable. His nose too. I couldn't look at anything except it. It was just... horrible. I can't describe it. Then his laugh. I can't describe it either. It was just so fucking phony.

Then there's this boy. Corey. I actually like him. Problem is, he's a senior. He's had a girl friend for the past two years (the girl's really nice too. I like her a lot). He identifies as heterosexual. I wouldn't want to touch that.

Then Adam and Jason. Both perfect fucking twinks (For some reason, I only like twinks). Both moved away. Both identify as heterosexual (I swear, at least one of them was gay).

All the boys I know are too god damn catty, too annoying, too bland, too phony or too god damn heterosexual. Fuck my life.


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well if it makes you feel

well if it makes you feel any better every time i go somewhere the cute girls must flee from me becasue none of them are ever around.

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives