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I have 26 spider bites on 1 leg.. It itches soo much. Last night i thought i felt something on my leg but just ignored it thinking it was just the blanket or a hair or something weird.. or in my head.. cuz when i'd shake my leg the feeling would go away. 26 spide bites.. that'd i've counted... that's insane. i have 6 on my big toe, and 6 right next to a mole i have on my ankle.


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EEK!! My skin is crawling just from reading about it. I'm no girly-girl, but that many spider bites, and the idea that you felt it crawling up your leg . . . *shudder*

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o_O Jesus H. Christ. Go get

Jesus H. Christ.
Go get yourself some calamine lotion or something, or run really hot water over them. It's the stuff that makes mosquito bites stop itching, might help a little.
And I mean, there's always the chance that one of them was radioactive and give you the superpowers you need to be a badass spandex-clad superhero. SuperDyke, saving the world from heteronormativity, one "straight" girl at a time. Heyyy, I like the sound of that... ^^

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