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I did it! And it was amazing. Until you do it you just won't understand. One of the best experiences of my life.

I finally went to gay youth group. I went with my friend H at first it was awkward because we didn't know anyone and it was lie this is so and so. etc. The first hour is just like round the circle talk about your week or whatever is going on.... It was fun.. the second hour we watched gay youtube videos.


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sounds like a good time.
so would you recommend that other people should go to one?

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Yeah, i went to a LGBTQ

Yeah, i went to a LGBTQ youth group a little while ago, but its like 40 minutes away by car, and I can't drive yet, so I can't go anymore. Yeah, we had a talent show one time. You have never heard the song 'girlfriend' until you hear it sung by two gay guys. It is freaking hilarious. Well, have fun in your youth group.

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Oh, man. You're making me so

Oh, man. You're making me so jealous:D I've been toying the idea of going to this LGBT youth group that's near by me. I would love to go but it's kind of scary/intimidating. But it sure sounds like you have fun.

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wish i could

good for you :) wish i could, but my parents would get suspicious, and young teenagers aren't really able to slip away to the city once a week for some mysterious reason. question: what excuses could i use?