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There's this new kid. John - we'll call him that. He started here t'day. He's a sophomore in my Chemistry class (I secretly despise him for this, I used to be the only sophomore in my chemistry class -,-). He's kind of cute. Not gonna lie. He's droopy eyed though. But he has pretty nice hair, a nice figure and a friggin amazing jaw-line.

But here's the thing. He's dating one of my friends. So y'know, I can't tap that shit.

But here's the other thing. There's this rumor going around that this kid, John, ate his own cum. I don't think it's a big deal. I've done it myself. It's called fucking experimentation. It's natural, organic and locally made too. But apparently that's a big fucking deal. Like it makes him some fucking big queer. I personally think it's cool that he admitted it. Putting yourself out there, especially with something sexual takes a big person. It probably made some kids not feel like fucking freaks.

Then, from a pretty reliable source, I heard that he got the shit beat out of him by this kid. This kid actually is kind of psycho. He was one of the kids I liked. "Adam" I think. I actually replaced the name but it was one of the twinks anyway. But I totally forgot how the twink has a huge anger problem. Like no kidding, the whole family is psycho. Butcher's knives and all. It kind of makes me po'ed. Like, how does it make you big when beat the shit out of someone? It makes you look like a fucking cave man in my opinion.

So I feel kind of bad for the kid. There's this cruddy rumor going around that the kid ate his own cum and that he got the shit beat out of him. That's not how you want to start the first day. I didn't stand up for the kid when someone told me the rumor either. I feel like an asshole myself.

Note to self: stand up for people you fucking pussy.