Divas in pain.

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No wonder Cher has made a fucking mint, her music is So. Gay.

Ok, it's 2.26am and I've been in one of my lows. (Background for a minute - a few of my friends have made the observation that my moods never have a middle ground... I'm either up or I'm down. Currently considering seeing my GP about it, make sure it's nothing too serious, whether or not it's normal teenage angst bullshit... :S)

So I'm in a low, and I wanted some music to cheer me up. I have one of my mum's Cher CDs on my laptop. I'm not ashamed to admit that one of the boxes i check on the stereotype checklist is a love of divas, in all shapes and sizes. So I'm lying in bed, listening to this 50yr old semi-drag queen sing about being in love, having her heart ripped out, being strong enough to live with him, etc. No wonder there were so many screaming queens at her Farewell concerts..... this album is like a gay opera. It's REALLY good, lol. I'm enjoying it, and the good news is that it has lifted me slightly out of my low.

But you've got to admit how smart this bitch was to market herself specifically to the gay audience. She's in pain, WE'RE IN PAIN.

"Oh my god, I can relate to this music. I AM CHER! CHER IS ME!"

You can't say that Cher didn't do it deliberately - her career was stalling YET AGAIN, and so she transformed herself with a clubbing track and started dressing like RuPaul. Good on her, I admire that.

This music is so awesomely gay.


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man, my first CD.. my very

man, my first CD.. my very first CD was Cher's Greatest Hits. I have no idea why my mum gave it to me; she never listens to her, nor does my dad...
but I would play it when I was 5, and for years afterwords, while I cleaned my room profously (one of my many oddities)
but I would sing it with all my heart
epescially Gypsies Tramps and Theives...
and Half Breed

even then.. it was just the only music that meant something.. I had no idea why

Now 10 years later, in Vermont I came out to my aunt.

So I might not be a guy, but (one of my friends says i'm a "perverted trans-gender vestite fag" and though I hate the fag bit, it's true)
I can still relate
I feel like a bi guy in a lesbian's body. I want to love a guy, but I've got to be a guy. but I fancy girls as I am

but... I know what you mean
Do you know Song for the Lonely?

love don't need a reason
she can pick you up
or leave you bleeding

even to me... (first time I've heard her mention "she") but even so, she speaks to us all
god I love her. whenever I feel down as well, she's usually the first I put on
that drag queen diva with such a soulful voice...

(P.S. I'm sure it's just some normal teen angst.. or else I've got to see someone about it too!)

"all girls are bi at heart"
"all PEOPLE are bi at heart"

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I've already accepted Bette Midler as my personal diva, so this heresy was a little hard to read all the way through.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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