don't get involved with drugs, just fill ur life with hugs

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lol, good old summer heights high.

i feel a bit confused about a few things. ok, so im going to come out really soon to my family. as in, next week. but it isnt working out the way i planned. i wanted to talk to my sister first, but i can never get a hold of her. she doesnt live at home, and she has a roommate.
ill figure something out, but still...ugh.

and im really sexually frustrated. ick. the situation may be fixed soon, but that isn't set in stone.


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Ooh. ouch.. I hated coming out to my family...


Luck to you, and don't get kicked out.
The blood of my family is not to go on, my parents' genes for naught.

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Summer Heights High...

That show is amazing LOL.

And best of luck when coming out to your parents... keep us posted!