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Today is the last day of the year...

I kind of like school, I'll miss all my friends over the holidays.

I'll miss the teachers too, some of them are just totally amazing.

We had lots of shared lunches today, I feel like a fatty.

I need to stop being ridiculously caffeinated!

National exams are coming up, need to start studying...


I watched Phantom of the Opera performed live with Robert and Nelson last night. It was absolutely jaw-dropping. Anthony Warlow wasn't playing Phantom on that specific night though... Damn you Simon Price or whoever you are..


Today, they announced student prefects to lead the school next year...
260 people from our year applied...
25 got selected
And I was one of them!
And I also love the the other prefects that I have to work with for our House.
I'm so happy, and I think I deserve to be happy. After all, it is an excellent achievement.

It makes me feel so good, especially the showering of congratulatory hugs and comments afterwards, and the approval, appreciation, support and endorsement of my peers and teachers.



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Do you go to a bording school? I wouldn't ask ecept that alot of my family went to them, and that makes me curious about them.

"Dawn must DIE!!"
Fallon, after watching 'Once More With Feeling' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Haha, do you live in New Zealand as well?

There's a boarding house in our school but I'm not a boarder.
From the boarders I know, it's just a bunch of testosterone raging jocks... not that it's really a bad thing...

But thinking about it, our school has been predominantly sport-orientated until recently...

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Nope, I'm an american, as

Nope, I'm an american, as much as i hate to admit it. But most of my family lives in Europe, and my mom and brother are big on the culture, as am I. I wish i lived in New Zealand. I am increadably jealous. And PLEASE don't rub it in that I'm american. Its not by choice, and i am going for dual citizenship.

"Dawn must DIE!!"
Fallon, after watching 'Once More With Feeling' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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congrats on prefect status!

congrats on prefect status! i really have no idea what that is, but COOL! lol very awesome.

and TOTALLY JEALOUSY about Phantom.....i HATE you. lol not really, but....you get my point! :D

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When you said prefect I

When you said prefect I thought of Harry Potter....... I didn't know they had those in real life too.

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Ah, new zealand. I wanna live there, really. Unfortunately, I decided to stay when Obama won. Ofcourse, I can't move on my own. I love my family!

The blood of my family is not to go on, my parents' genes for naught.

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Man, how come no one knows what prefects are? Lol x)

Must be a New Zealand thing...
It's awesome though - it's basically a student leader + student council in school.
There are like art prefects, sport prefects, and the head perfect is the headboy/headgirl... does that ring any bells?

Anyways I won't let my pride and ego bloat too big.

It's rather lonely down here