First Transgender Mayor Elected in Oregon...

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This election marked the first African-American President. The first time in 40 years an Oregon Senate candidate beat an incumbent Senator. And in tiny Silverton, Oregon, residents have elected the man who's believed to be the first ever openly transgender mayor in the United States.
KGW report on transgender mayor

Stu Rasmussen served two terms as the Mayor of Silverton in the 1990s. But he hadn't admitted to being transgender. He's not the same man now that he was then. Today he wears a skirt and high heels. He has breast implants, and long red hair. He looks like a woman - but he's not.

"I identify mostly as a heterosexual male," Rasmussen said. "But I just like to look like a female."

Full story, and a video clip here:

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Not that this is a bad thing! Don't get me wrong! But do they have the right definition of "transgender" in the article? I thought it meant actually identifying as the opposite sex than you were born as, whereas "transvestite" or "cross-dresser" was someone who likes to dress like the opposite sex a lot.

I don't identify as trans, so I could be mistaken (or quibbling over nothing :-) ). Just pointing out what I noticed the most. Throwing it out there: am I anywhere near the mark? Or shouldn't it matter?

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You've got it right

Technically speaking, he's a transvestite/cross-dresser. Since he's still claiming to be a heterosexual man--that it's his gender--he's not changing or upset by his born sex. Transgender is someone who is experiencing and/or doing those things.

But still, since not everyone is a tranny queer, the confusion is going to happen in the media from time to time ;)

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holy fuck.

somebody got beat with the ugly stick.

i'm sorry. it's 2am, i'm exhausted.

that really is truly and wonderfully awesome, but wow....

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I think it's cool that a whole community was able to support this man. Small steps, right? This is definitely one in the right direction. To be honest I'm surprised, but in a really good way.

I am a little upset the reporters screwed up their vocab., though. It's not that hard to do your research. . . everybody who reads that article is going to be confused now.

It's a cool story nonetheless.

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I was under the impression that transgender could be used as a blanket term, like queer. Still, right on.

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Transgender is an umbrella term.

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Differences in interpreting

Differences in interpreting terminology, but yeah, it is technically an umbrella term. Personally, I always associate transgender with transexual, though, and the use of transgender here versus cross dresser or transvestite reeks of political correctness for the sake of political correctness since it's a news article. Just my opinion though :P

Although I got to say, to the general public transgender is a much "softer sounding" term than crossdresser and probably makes it sound less "side show shocking" and sensationalized.