gay websites

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i've checked out all the books and they have all the pflag websites and all that, but what are some actually good websites/magazines/books?

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For travel and places to see, Damrons guide ( )
For Facts on Sexuality,(Book) Human Sexuality, by James H Geer
For facts and the who what where and when on Sexuality ( gay only youth ) XY zene is a good sorce of info and aimed at those under 21. Get a subscription for best results.
Believe it or not for Books the Public Library has a lot of good sorce material that you can read there or check out....yeah sometimes you need to ask the librarian for them as they are kept behind the counter.
Web sites can be found by doing a google search and you will find a whole lot of them...reminder if you are not out to your parents,,,,deleat the history of your searches.

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