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I rented that movie The Eye with my 2 best friends. And to the one i squealed (ew i hate that word) ooo jessica alba! ahha so anyway apparently she went to the movie store like 2 days later with her boyfriend and he picked the movie up and said the exact same thing in the exact same voice i did. and she started laughing and he was like Wow other girls would get mad at that. Thought that was somehow a funny story.

Nothing and everything is happening in my life. I relapsed monday ,tuesday, today. Fuck. aand i weighed 129 on sunday. why do i fuck my life over when its getting perfect? do i think id ont deserve it?

i went completely psycho today. i threw my scale down the stairs. got out a hammer. and beat it to pieces. and put the pieces in a garbage bag. and hid it behind my couch.

hahahhaa.. im screwed.
fuck. well, it was fun. fuck. at least i won't be weighing myself every 10 minutes....


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If the scale upsets you so

If the scale upsets you so much, smashing it was probably a good idea.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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and good exersize. "I feel

and good exersize. :D

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives

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haha thanks. well maybe its

haha thanks. well maybe its absence will make me a bit less psychotic..