How bizzare...

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Yesterday evening I was sitting outside on the front porch steps. I was lost in thought. The sun was setting and as it did, it slyly hid behind blue clouds. As I was lost in thought, I began to accept myself totally like I was never able to before. And as I accepted myself, the sun would peer out of the clouds and shine upon me. The more I accepted my self the more it shone. It was a moment I have been waiting for since I discovered who I truely am. I thought I would share this with all of you.
By the way..... I am lesbian Hear me Roar!


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While I'm apt to think of this as more projection/coincidence, I'm also a fan of coming out, so I say run with it. :-)

Welcome to the site, too, btw.

Lot of new users recently, hmm...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Thank you for the welcome

Thank you for the welcome mat.

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Awesome story. Thats really

Awesome story. Thats really cool. Lesbianism is the shit.

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That's really cool. "When

That's really cool.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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I like your username

Except I always say, "Black is the new black."