How did you feel when you came out?

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How did you feel when you came out?

If you haven't already, what are your emotions at being closeted and/or when someone else brings up sexuality, either in a positive or negative light?

Extra Bonus Question: The rainbow flag is supposed to stand for all the different orientations and genders there are. What color are you?

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I feel soooo much better
~ Gothic Ballerina ~

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o.o eeeehhhhhhh

So, I came out to my bestfriend first and she started asking me a shitload of questions to see if i really was gay! xD

I then slowly started coming out to certain friends and each time, I would feel sick, feel like crying and I would have a shakey voice and stutter a bit.

Then I came out to my Chanese (one of my "sisters") and she helped me feel more comfortable with myself and she helped me tell one of my sisters. When we told my sister, I cried.

Then I came out to my other sister because she kept trying to tease me about liking my friend Ryan. So I lifted my arm and pointed at my i<3boobies wrist band and all she said was "are you serious!?" then she hugged me and hit me for not telling her sooner and then she told me that she has known for years anyways.

Then one day me and my dad were out by the horses having a talk and he had told me that him and his girlfriend are expecting a baby and that he'd been thinking about asking her to marry him. Then I simply said "I don't ever want a husband" and his response was "you'll find the right man one day" and I looked at him and started crying and said "I do NOT want a husband. I WANT a wife. I'm lesbian dad." then he started crying and told me how proud of me he was for trusting him with something like that.

In order to tell my mom, I wrote her a note and left it on the seat of the van when she dropped me off at the bus. I was trying to hold back my tears because I was so scared that she would hate me and kick me out. Then she sent me a text saying "Wow, your letter really scared me before I read it! I think I knew how you felt a long time ago and even talked about it with Murray the other day. I am so sorry you felt you couldn't tell me to my face. But you should know that I will always love you no matter who you love! You are and always will be my daughter. I hope this helps you feel better about yourself and your feelings. I LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXO Have a beautiful day." then I started crying uncontrollably and I was crying on and off all day.

After all of them knew, I changed my facebook from "interested in men" to "interested in women". So now, I really don't give a fuck how anyone else in my family finds out and how they feel. If they don't love me as I am, they obviously never did. (:

So far, everyone has been supportive.


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Still scared

I have'nt fully come out yet,although most people I know realize I'm not exactly staight.I think my parents will be supportive though as they have tried once before to get me to come out to them when I was'nt ready yet.I'm getting more and more ready to and think I will start coming out more in the near future.I drop lots of hints but shy away from having direct conversation regarding my sexuality,it seems invasive in a big way and uncomfortable.I believe it would be for the best in the long run.Still scared and nervous I have cried many times over the hate in the world,it really affects me so I suppose that's why I've avoided coming out all these years,that avoidance has had a destructive side and I now must deal with it or be miserable and I've been through a lot already so misery's no longer an option.In a way that's why I'm here,to be with like kind and get support there seems to be such little supply of support in my life right now at times it's hard to bear.To answer the ? about the flag (colors)I've been partial to blue,pink and purple lately have a strong pull towards yellow and orange.I like the flag and all it's colors. We all need some lovin' so why do we hate. J-Fantastic Rainbows

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When I came out I started

When I came out I started cutting myself because everybody told me I was going to Hell. I figured: Why not make the trip quicker? I guess :/
I hope nobody else tries that, it's a really stupid way to "deal" with coming out.

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That's really sad

That's really sad Mandy-God,I've known a few cutters and it's really been tough to tell them how much I care.I've always been afraid you know?It never ceases to amaze the ignorance and stupidity of some people!It gets me soooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That people would tell you that.I'm so sorry they treated you that way! Please I know you go through pain I know and understand,please think twice before you do that again,Wish I could give you a big hug.Really hope your doing ok, We all need some lovin' so why do we hate?~Santana

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I'm still in the process.....

So I haven't actually came out to my parents yet. But I don't live with them either. I did tell my aunt, however that I am a lesbian and she accepted it a lot better then I thought she would. I just never could imagine myself working up the guts to tell my parents about my sexual orientation. But I know that I'm going to have to tell them eventually. I mean I'm almost out of high school. So right now I am REALLY stressed out about it. Especially since I have a girlfriend and we've been dating for almost 9 months. I want to be able to introduce her to my family. I want them to welcome her with open arms, but I'm so afraid that we will be shunned. It's sad that so many people are so cruel. It's sad that I have to worry about whether or not my own flesh and blood is going to love me after I tell them. I don't know why things like this have to be so damned difficult. Fml..