I <3 pumpkin pie!!

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My Thanksgiving went pretty well. It was just my imediate family there so I didn't hate anyone there that much. My friend Catie met one of her cousins for the first time today and he was hitting on her. I was like bwahahaha... EWWW!!!
I'm pretty sure I ate my body weight today. I'm afraid for practice tomorrow that I might throw up. Uck. We have a game on Saturday and I'm pissed about it. Like I really want to spend my Saturday night at some effin basketball game.

I love mashed potatoes.

My family didn't pray before we ate today and I'm glad. We're not very religious, thankfully. But my Dad believes in the morals of the church and not a god. I'm like I'd rather you believe in a higher power than "the morals that tell you to murder". Blah. I even made a comment at the table about Celebrating the Slaughter of the Indians.

Catie and I are going to go see Twilight tomorrow and maybe do some shopping if the crazy people that get up at 3am to go shopping left anything. I've never read the Twilight books before but this will be the second time Catie seen it and my first. I hope theres hot girls in it cuz the only thing I hear about it is how hot some guy in it is. :/ But Paramore has songs in it so I'll be happy.


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I like pumpkin pie too!

I like pumpkin pie too! :D

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