Is It Really That Big A Deal?

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Warning: this may sound silly.

So I posted an article about Prop 8 and a couple of those laws that passed in other states (like the adoption one in Arkansas) on my Facebook. A friend of mine (incidentally, the only person in my dorm I'm out to... but that's cuz she flat-out asked) commented on it, "I am sorry sweetie. But I am against Gay Marriage."

I posted back that she's got her opinion and I've got mine, and she said she's cool with that. (She is LDS and pretty obviously faithful about it, so I figured I wouldn't gain much by arguing with her.)

I have to admit though, I was tempted to ask her, "Is gay marriage such a big deal that you have to capitalize it?" — even though I'm not sure she intended it to mean a darn thing. I mean, people don't capitalize Abortion or the Death Penalty or Man-Eating Gerbils (well, OK, so we don't have man-eating gerbils), except in movie titles or at the start of sentences for emphasis in the absence of italics.

My parents are journalists, so possibly it's just my proofreader DNA speaking. It's also possible that what's actually irritating me is not the capital letters, but that I don't know how to convince her that gay marriage (with lowercase letters!) is probably going to be a bigger deal for us, the LGBT people it affects, than it will ever be for her.


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It's hard to change a mind that can believe this:

I recommend watching the whole episode. This is just a clip.
"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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