Kissing, college applications, and banned hugging.

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On Friday I kissed a guy for the first time. It was amazing, it wasn't fireworks or electricity or anything I had expected. It felt perfect, organic, as if it was the only thing mouths were ever meant to do.
Other than that life has been pretty mundane, I'm stressing about school and completing my college essays. My application to George mason is due by the first if I want scholarship consideration, which I most definitely do. My school is just ridiculous, every week we have 2 chapel services, which is bad enough on its own seeing as we only had one a week until this year. Anyway today we had a special chapel where the guys and girls were separated and we talked about "showing a Christlike example, and avoiding the appearance of evil". Basically what it boils down to is this, our soccer team has some rather obvious homoerotic tensions going on and their behavior towards one another has kinda leaked out into the rest of the student body. Its customary to see guys hugging each other all the time in the halls and during classes (girls too, but to a lesser extent). So some parents saw this going on and got freaked out and decided to complain to the school board. Essentially any touching between members of the same sex at all has been formally banned. I'm kind of disgusted, I was never one of the people doing this because it made me feel uncomfortable to hug guys that I knew were straight and rather homophobic, but now I want to hug absolutely everyone just because I've been told not to.
Considering all the things students are going through drugs, depression, bullying, etc. the fact that this the most trivial of issues is what they've decided to act upon is rather telling with regards to where their priorities are.
Other than general christian stupidity life is going rather well for me, I have a boyfriend, work is good and I'm doing alright in school, Although I should be doing Government and Math homework instead of writing on here, but I haven't written a decent journal entry in like forever so responsibilities can wait just a little longer.


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"On Friday I kissed a guy

"On Friday I kissed a guy for the first time. It was amazing, it wasn't fireworks or electricity or anything I had expected. It felt perfect, organic, as if it was the only thing mouths were ever meant to do."
Such a lovely description :)

Omg the same thing happened at my school - the homoerotic tendancies. I had no idea it wasn't a normal school environment until after i graduated and started talking to people at uni who HADNT gone to an all boys catholic school. Strange, strange things happened at my school. Tension you could cut with a KNIFE. Even the teachers noticed it!

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Yeah, it took me a while to

Yeah, it took me a while to realize that this is an abnormal occurrence, insane amounts of sexual tension all day. Good times =)

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Sorry about the hugs being

Sorry about the hugs being banned. I think I would die. I can't survive with out hugs. I'd die od hug deprevation.
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I was at a public school

I was at a public school with both guys and girls so never had to worry about kissing and being seen. Now at college at the university of phoenix you'd be shocked at what people don't care about being seen doing.

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Just for the record, since I

Just for the record, since I am not Christian (thanks to the very people about whom you write in this post), showing affection for people of the same sex, or either sex, is NOT an unChristian thing to do. That is the ultimate perversion of the teachings of Christ, and that is why I rather hope he actually is the son of God, so he can one day make all those sick bastards who try to make kids feel dirty just for being normal burn in fucking hell.

But I'm not bitter. Honestly.

Oh, and congratulations on the kiss. Kissing IS wonderful.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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