Last exam today!! XD

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Yay it's my last exam today and then I'm done with high school FOREVER! No more "That's gay, your gay, fag this fag that!" YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!
Hell maybe I'll even meet a nice guy at Lifeway next year. I'm nervous about the exam though, my whole year more or less hinges on it. Even though last night dad told me that it doesn't really matter whether I pass level 2 or not, which was a major relief. Not as major as "I know you're gay son, and that's ok." but that's just wishful thinking.
Hopefully during the summer my best friend and roomate A and I will be going down to Auckland for two weeks, which would mean we could go to an LGBT meeting!!!! That would be so great, even though I'd have tog o without Oasis that whole time X_X. Also on sunday, I get to burn my school uniform. Doesn't that sound fun? All I need now is a boyfriend to call my own and all would be well in the world.
So lonely.... lousy living in the utah of New Zealand.....


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awww don't worry youll find

awww don't worry youll find someone!

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
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