Life is crazy

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My life has been crazily insane. Had to study till 2am for a biology unit test and woke up at 6am to finish writing a rhetorical speech for english. Speaking of english, my teacher just gave me a 35% on my test. Hahaaa (fainted laugh) That's VERY generous of her. Well, there goes the first time of me failing in high school. and my friends replied with a tilted eyebrow,"we've failed a lot of times..." Ops, wrong audience.

But, at least, I got the highest mark on our physics test. Oh, that was the glory of yesterday, the past. What amused me was the flattery that followed. Smart people started talking to me and I felt as though I had moved from the cold corner to the warm centre of attention. And they started say things like, "Ah, you are soo good with physics! I failed (as in asian failing) it...", "Oh, you are so smart, what's your IQ, 150?" or "Can I work with you? oh, you probably wouldn't want to because I suck at everthing". These people who says them are the ones that actually get 90+ for grade averages. Overly modest? I WAS SO FLATTERED! and I dont deal well with flatteries. Most of the time, I had to list the marks of my weak subjects to ease their feelings of frustration and my seemingly superiority, but then, the whole converservation would just turns into a debate over who's more pathetic then the other, which I found extremely awkward, but people do it all the time. I wonder what would happen if I said "yes, I got higher than you, so beat it!" Hum, I'll probably be stigmatized to be a cocky bitch for the rest of the year. nah...

I noticed that these phenomenons tend to be really common among Chinese people, who viewed grades as their lives. Unfortunately, I picked up the same habit. Does it happens in all schools? or mine is just werid....


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It happens in my district,

It happens in my district, too...
You can just say, "Oh, thanks, I studied for like forever", and they'll probably leave you alone.

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