Loving Plushgun

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I've recently become a bit obsessed with Brooklyn-based band Plushgun, after hearing their first single, "Just Impolite" (video below). Even their EP has only whet my appetite for the full-length album due in February.

On Tuesday night, I got to see them play a small club date on their first-ever West coast tour, and was equally impressed with what I heard (despite the audio problems with the gig, and the guitarist sitting in the back of the stage on a chair with food poisoning).

Dan Ingala, the main guy behind the band, got the San Francisco crowd dancing despite these issues, because you could still tell the material was strong. I detect a bit of a Pet Shop Boys vibe in his music, but he also likes to hear that guitar cut in and rip it up beautifully, as in "How We Roll," which showcases the balance of electronic influence and rock guitar nicely.

You can check out more of their music on MySpace. It's definitely worth the time...