National Protest against Prop 8?

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This is a Facebook event I found:

And the corresponding website:

If you don't want to follow the links right now, they concern a protest against Prop 8 someone seems to be organizing, to be held on the steps of city halls nationwide on November 15 (that's this Saturday), 1:30 EST.

Sounds cool, no? Has anybody else heard about it? I was thinking of trying to get my GSA on board. (The only thing I found odd was that I couldn't find the name of a person or organization who started the web site!)

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I'd see if there was some sort of momentum in a day or so before signing on...

Although has been crashed for a while, too much traffic, I guess. could be a good indicator.

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Yeah, I heard about that. I

Yeah, I heard about that.
I think they mentioned it at the rally in Sacramento yesterday--they mentioned a lot of stuff. I might be going.

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Ooh, they'll be protesting

Ooh, they'll be protesting here in Philly. I'm definitely going. <3
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Finally..... Something in my

Finally..... Something in my area!! YAY I'm going for sure!!!!!

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Just got a message from my GSA chair...

...and she's beat me to it. She sent another website:, and is looking for someone interested in organizing a protest in my town on that day.

I may just volunteer if I can pull together enough courage.

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