No on 8 protests? anyone?

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Thought for sure we'd have some people attending the jointheimpact protests this past Saturday.... anyone?

I was at a vegan cooking class making harvest-stuffed acorn squash, so I couldn't make it.

Has to be someone here who went, though, no?

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I was at the one in SF. :)

I was at the one in SF. :)

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sort of...

I was lame and overslept, but I made it to the end of the one in my town, when we marched down to city hall. I got to hold the pride flag for a couple minutes while people were packing up, too. Lots of cars drove by and honked hello to us. :-)

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I went!

There were singing old ladies in flowery hats.

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I watched part of the one in

I watched part of the one in SF, but seeing as I was in SF and not in Oakland over the weekend...yeah, protesting wasn't something I could fit into my weekend.

Is anyone going to the one in Sac tomorrow? Margaret Cho will be there.
I really wish I could, but...I don't know anyone with a car who's able to get the time off work.

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Yes I went to mine

I went to the one in Idaho falls. It was cool. I found out that IF has a pretty big community. I also found out about a local pflag and that here in poky we have a gay pride coffee shop.