Oh My Hell,

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I currently attend a very small high school in idaho. Our school is surrounded by cow pastures. The nearest town (which is like 5 min. away) probably has a total population of maybe three hundred. There are five hundred students, give or take a few, currently in attendence.

I have to hear nearly all of them say "that's so gay" or talk about how they love that prop 8 passed. I just want to explode and kill them all. I have had to deal with this since middle school. They are totally and utterly ignorant of others. They don't know how to define the word tolerance.

In my school cummunity there are few people who are even partialy out, never the less completely out. Some claim bi, but they are the girls who only date guys. I'm lesbian. My friend R is gay. My friend W is bi. that about covers it for my school.

Oh well, on the upside R & me are going to a prop 8 rally on saturday in IF. I'm so stoked about it. Can you scream EXCITED?

Well that's it for now. Bis Spater!


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My friend goes to university in idaho and he's said pretty much as much about population there. But chin up! Hopefully someday the close minded people will stop being so stupid and let people love who they were meant to love. Have fun at your rally!!!

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I actually bought a little sign to put on my door that says "If only closed minds came with closed mouths". I love it. I will have funn at the rally cuz i will get there one way or another and i will have a sign.... i don't know yet what i will put on it but i will have one! Thank you again for the comment.

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High school is meant to be

High school is meant to be lived through, university is fun. So hold on, and go to a gay-friendly school. My school is the same way. Maybe it has something to do with cows. My town is surrounded by cows as well.

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