Pregnant "man" knocked up again

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I didn't post this stuff before, but it keeps coming up, so I'll at least give you a link:

I guess I don't see why this is a huge story. If you don't get rid of your female reproductive system, and don't take male hormones, then you're just a pregnant bearded woman with a mastectomy, more or less. No?

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*cough-gag* I know you're

*cough-gag* I know you're joking around, but watch what you say. >_o;;;

Although, I am sick of hearing about the guy. And I'm not seeing the big deal either. So some guy got pregnant? Okay. Whatever. Who the hell cares?

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I'm half-joking around. I don't think this person is helping make trans issues any clearer for the mainstream public, though. I mean, a guy carrying a baby who had a penis from birth and no female reproductive system? That would be news. But, where's the news here? Although, I do have a problem calling him a man while he keeps pushing out kids through his uterus.

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I figure that's a personal

I figure that's a personal choice and if he wants to do whatever, then let him. If he still considers himself a he then that's what I consider him. Gender means more than what you have and how comfortable you are with using it. And I do have respect for his being so secure with himself, a lot of FTMs wouldn't carry a baby, ever. And this guy is like "okay I'll do it". And that's important for him and his family. So +1 for that minus several for going on about it like it's some special thing on the media.

And I mean he's not helping with trans issues/awareness at all. And, most people don't even know FTMs exist, so this guy comes around and basically sets the image. And it's making things harder for me, and I'm sure plenty of other trans people out there. It's hard enough to establish my case as it is without being compared to "that pregnant woman-person on Oprah" >_o;;

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i can't stand his voice.

i can't stand his voice. drives me craaaazy.

also yeah, i mean, it's nice and all that they want to have kids, but i can't help but feel that those kids are going to be just a bit screwed up.

"That's right honey, daddy gave birth to you!"

"But......daddy's a boy....boys don't have babies."

"Erm...well...uh....daddy used to be a girl."

*insert awkward conversation and description of transgenderness to a four-year-old.....maybe the birds and the bees too...just to be safe*

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It's no more awkward than

It's no more awkward than raising any child as a transgender parent, presumably. Like you'll have to tell them at some point, or just raise them with the knowledge as to why there are no photos of mummy/daddy as a little boy/girl etc.

It's fairly simple for a child to understand as they have fewer set notions of gender. I believed my father when he told me he used to be a chimpanzee and was entirely comfortable with the idea. Unfortunately (fortunately?) he was lying of course.

Like raising a child in any less conventional situation eg. an adopted child, there are special considerations parents have to bare in mind. It's how they handle the situation which determines how screwed up a child will be. Which is actually a description of all parenting.

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ehhhh...suppose you're

ehhhh...suppose you're right.

still would make for an awkward conversation.

i'm so glad i'm not having children.

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Well obviously they'll have

Well obviously they'll have to tell the kid eventually. But I don't see how that would make them "screwed up". They'll just have a different understanding of gender than most other kids. But it'll be a more open-ended one. Rather than the binary. There's nothing wrong with that. I mean, I came out to my younger sister and she was just like "Okay, that explains a lot.". Most younger kids look up to their parents and won't care. If they wait until the kids are older it might be a little harder to explain but they'll get it in time.

I'd be more worried about the media coming around and pestering the kids about it. And getting unwanted attention because other kids (and teachers and parents) don't understand. But that's not the parents fault.

I mean, I want to have kids someday too you know. I highly doubt I'll be carrying them myself. But I'm still going to have to come out to them sooner or later. Same deal right? I like to think that my being honest about my past with my kids won't screw them up. >_>;

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i thought lol

isn't he technically a woman? so isn't just a woman getting pregnant? so if so whats the big deal?

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The big deal is that he's

The big deal is that he's straddling everyone's gender expectations.

I had a big argument about this with my roommate the other night. I figure if he's comfortable enough to do it, more power to him. I'd never want to get pregnant.

Adopting is the better way to go, though. For everyone. There are forty-four foster children per household in the United States.

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I don't think he's changing anyone's gender expectations. I think he's weakening people's already dismal knowledge of transgender issues.

I think when you start pumping out kids, because your body is flowing with natural estrogen and you have a uterus, etc., then it totally meets my gender expectations... of a pregnant woman. A bearded, breastless pregnant woman.

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