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I went and saw Twilight. It was alright but I wouldn't say it was the best movie ever. I haven't read the books so that might be it. Everyone talked about how hot it was when Edward sparkled in the sunlight and I'm like no it wasn't. But then again I'm a lesbian... I do think it would be pretty sweet to be able to climb trees like they did and run really really fast.

I had a basketball game last night against the county rival. We lost. I'm not suprised. I feel bad because theres girls on the team that take it seriously and I don't, yet I start. I had to guard a really hot girl last night. You'd think I'd be happy about that but I'm not really. I get distracted to easily enough as it is.

It snowed a lot here last night. Maybe about 3 inches. I wish it would've snowed tonight so tomorrow we wouldn't have school, or atleast get a two-hour delay. I can't wait for the first snow day. It was always my luck last year that the weather-person said it was going to snow a lot so I would stay up really late because I didn't think we would have school and then we ended up having it. Now that I have my license I'm kinda afraid to drive. I don't wanna get in a wreck especially when its freezing out. Plus it sucks having to go outside 15 minutes early to scrape the ice off your car and let it warm up.


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I hear from my friends who

I hear from my friends who read the book and watched the movie ((I haven't done either)) that Edward actually sparkled, like, wrong. I'm not sure how that's possible.

drive careful!

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hehe, twilight

yeah, the movie and books both suck. My hand still hurts from where i bit it so hard to keep from laughing because the friend the friendI brought to see it with me would hit me in the stomach everytime I laughed to loudly for to long.

Anyway, I thought Victoria was hot. Although Alice was hot too, I thought she was cuter, where Victoria was just sexy.

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Pictures, pictures!

Pictures, pictures! Youtubes, youtubes. I wanna see Edward sparking. Hehe...

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