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soft-spoken with the broken jaw.

Which pair of pants that you own, are your favorites?: my 2 blue jeans
Were you a 80's or a 90's child?: 80's
Tell me, what is your favorite radio station you listen to regularly?: Sirius Octane/Pop Hits/80's/90's music and Love Songs(although haven't listened to it today,but maybe by tonight)
Do you have a "thing" for Mitchell Davis? (YouTube): nope
Have you ever had any kind of dangerous addiction?: don't think so....
Are your parents still married, divorced, or split up?: split
How many times a week do you listen to your favorite song?: couple times a week
Are you a rap or hip hop fan?: neither
Have you ever heard of Hollywood Undead? Do you like them?: yeah,well I've only heard 'Undead' so dk if I like them yet hehe
Do you tend to call your little siblings "diseases?": no
Have your friends ever told you something really personal?: yeah
Has anyone ever called you a coward before?: no
Have you ever written a whole song before?: no
What is one way you enjoy expressing yourself?: sometimes through words but they tend to come back to 'bite me' so I'll be more selective now
Do you have a playlist on Project Playlist?: no
Are you a Jeffree Star fan? Or no?: nope
What stereotype do you think is uterly overrated?: dk
What's your favorite fast-food restraunt?: a lot of em hehe
Do you enjoy listening to a horrible genre of music?: no
Do you tend to call people stupid?: no
Are any of your relatives rednecks?: no
How many people from Oklahoma do you know?: none
Are your sheets clean? Or no?: kind of,washed em 2 wks. ago
Do you like answering personal questions?: depends
Do you ever sit around and just, smell markers?: no
Has anyone ever told you, you have "stoner" eyes?: once but it was cuz I went swimming in a pool
Do you hate 80's music?: no
Are any of your favorite shows too dirty for television?: no
Why do you think Obama got elected?: cuz enough ppl voted and didn't want Palin hehe
Do you ever have a tendency to stab a picture of Miley Cyrus? I do.: nope
Are there any colorful quilts in your room?: no
Has your grandmother ever made you anything?: maybe
Do you own a guitar? Specify.: no
Are you listening to music? What are you listening to?: no,Lockup:Holman
Are you pumped for Christmas?: guess so
How many times a day do you say "no?": dk
Are you a monogamous person?: yeah
Are there any VH1 shows that just creep you out?: all hehe
Do you enjoy listening to techno music?: not really
Do you like Shiny Toy Guns? (band): no
What do you call yourself when talking?: idk,maybe stupid sometimes
Do you have any embarassing nicknames?: no
Are there any people who disgust you?: not digust,just dislike and yeah
Do you disgust anyone? Did they tell you that?: hope not,and no
Do you think Trace Cyrus is cute?: who?

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