The Life In Pink

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I too am the world
I sing the song sung by millions of others
I dance the dance they have danced
I am of the love that dares not speak its name


I sing its name out
Clearly, forcefully
I sing it in the face of aggression
I sing it through spit and rocks
I sing it at home and outside
I sing it in my bed

I love and am loved

I belong and am possessed

I feel what others cannot

My way is on a road– it is a journey
It is not a surrender
It is a liberation

Every step brings me somewhere
I will trip, but I will get up
Sturdier, wiser
So, too will I make mistakes, but I will learn
And become strong

The road is long (it never ends)
But I am not alone
I dance in the footsteps of those before me
So too, I go with others
Together, we better the path we must all take
And those who come after us will go easier
And tread surer

We too are the world

October 2008