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I meant to write this journal yesterday but never got around to it as my whole entire family was buzzing around me so I didn't get a chance to be alone. But basically, I am confused. Very confused. Because of a girl (of course).

Basically what the story is that we met a bit over a month ago. Spoke A LOT. Mostly over facebook because she isn't really supposed to go on the computer and she can't use msn without getting caught. Then a couple of weeks after we started talking, I started to like her. And I had a small feeling that she liked me too. But I didn't want to give myself hope and set my hopes high, only to be crushed. So I tried not to misinterpret our conversations, and I guess ended up ignoring the signs.

A couple of weeks later my friend (who I will call Verity) read almost half of our wall to wall conversations on Facebook. Which is like, eighteen pages or something. The next day Verity and I were talking about one conversation I had in particular with the girl (who I will call Maddie) where we were kidding around about massage oil. At one point in the conversation Maddie said "Are you sure this is appropriate? I don't want to bring all this....sexual tension into our friendship lmfao" and I thought she was telling me to back off. But Verity said that I was an idiot and that she has never even spoken to Maddie but can tell that she likes me.

So the weekend before last, Maddie came online msn and said hi to me. She asked me if I wrote in her honesty box on Facebook (which I did because I'm a coward, and thought that she didn't like me in the same way). So I was honest and said "well...yeah that might've been me". And for the rest of the conversation she was really....loving. Saying things to me like "I'm home alone babe, you should be here" and "k one day we are going to have a scary movie night and cuddle all night long" and "(myname)! It's raining! This means I need to kiss you now!". She said a few things to me in Spanish and refused to tell me what they meant saying "it's better to say in English and in person". Calling me babe/baby whenever she addressed me, stuff like that. Needless to say I was on cloud nine.

So a good three days later I get this message on Facebook that basically said (this is a super condensed version, it was really long) "All the things I said to you the other day, I meant all of them. Every word. And I really do like you. A lot. But see...I'm kinda already seeing someone else and we have a problem with distance, even though I know it isn't much. I would want to see the person I'm dating a lot you know. I really do like you, I'm so sorry. I understand if you're upset, I would be too. Ily <3 ..." She just kept repeating how sorry she was and how much she liked me and whatnot.

There was a bit more conversation back and forth. Eventually I replied with "Yeah, I am upset. I'm really upset" and she said "I'm so sorry (my name). :( Fuckkkk, I really am.. I..ughh" and it went back and forth a bit. She said how sorry she was and how she would always like me no matter who she was with and how she couldn't stop thinking about me... So I asked why didn't she tell me before she was seeing someone else and she said "Because it's recent, it's not like I have been for a while. So technically I told you right away" But yeah... I was crushed

I was in such a terrible mood for four days after that. Then she signed onto msn again this past Saturday and started being all..weird again. "I want to pack you into my suitcase and take you with me to Rochester". I told her about how I was going to a concert soon and how I would've asked her to come but it's not her kind of music to which she replied "Well yeah, I'm not really into that music but I would love to go because I would get to be with you". We also talked about how she was going to see a couple of movies alone that evening before going to a party. She kept repeating how she was going...alone. So I offered to go with her and she said "I would love that....but it's alright.." She also said "I wish you could come to this party with me, and get smashed. You wouldn't know anyone there but I would talk to you the whole time so you wouldn't get lonely".

So now I don't know what I'm feeling. Shortly before this conversation happened, I was starting to feel better. I was actually happy and not irritable for the first time in four days. Talking to her made me feel even better. But now I don't know what I'm feeling. I should be careful. I let my guard down once with her already and got hurt, it will probably happen again...

Verity says I should be super pissed at her. She asked me "Why are you being so nice when she totally screwed you over?" and the answer is...I really don't know. I think it's because it's Maddie. It's hard to be mad at her, even though I know I should be. I think I am a complete idiot for letting myself be happier after talking to her. I better not be giving myself more hope...aahh fuckk


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Welcome to oasis, first of all, you didn't mention being new here... :-)

So, you flirt in Facebook and as soon as things start becoming a bit more real, she mentions she's in a long-distance relationship. Seems fine. I mean, you want to pursue people who would be the kind of people to bring that up early, rather than continue on without telling you.

The one factor that isn't mentioned is whether you live in the same town as her. That would make all the difference to me. Although, unlike some on here, I don't really think online relationships are worth preserving when they prevent you from dating flesh and blood people who live in the same town as you...

Whereas if she has an online person who doesn't live near her, and you're another online person who doesn't live near her... different issue, as well.

I fail to see where she screwed you over, as soon as things started turning real, she told you the deal about her online girlfriend. before then, why introduce that during harmless flirting with a stranger online?


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Hey. Thanks for replying!

Hey. Thanks for replying! And yes I did mention my newness, in my previous post ;).
She didn't say she was in a long distance relationship online, she just said she was seeing someone. She never said who or where. And even though she said it started recently, she basically waited a month to mention anyone else... Also we live one town away from each other, it's a fifteen minute drive, and a couple hours walk xD.
Also she screwed me over because she lead me on for over a month and then when "things started to get real" as you say she told me there was some other hoe. hahah

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UGH girls!!! pretty much all


pretty much all they do is cause trouble x_x

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Yep, that's basically how it

Yep, that's basically how it goes O_o

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no offense, but it sounds

no offense, but it sounds like she's fucking with you. maybe she does like you, but...she'd be cheating on whoever she's with to be with you. and as much as i'm sure you'd like to be with her (i know the feeling all too well) it sounds like the crash afterwards would be pretty awful.

so...Option One: give up on it for now, and tell her you can't see her until/unless she's not in another relationship (this is the emotionally safe option). Option Two: go for it. have a blast. fall for her, go crazy. fall in love, if that's your style. but there's always going to be the risk that she's going to dump you for this other girl. (this, as you can probably tell, is the less safe option)

Either way, please take care of yourself. Please, please, PLEASE take care of yourself. that's really the most important thing. and let us know how it all works out! best of luck

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Wow, that's confusing. I

Wow, that's confusing. I basically agree with bulldyke. I would just try to forget about her, which is hard but safer. But the choice is really up to you. Good luck with whatever happens.