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I'm sorta in this situation that really sucks right now. I'm totally falling for a friend that lives like 300 miles from me. Here is the back story. We'll call this friend K. Well, I had planned on going to this concert for a month or so, and when I got to the venue where it was being held I met this great girl (K) and her girlfriend. We all just sorta hung out for like 7 hours before the concert. It was a blast. Right before the concer started we all passed around our cell phones and got everyones number. We also got myspace pages. Well actually K asked for mine and I gave it oh so willingly. I was the only one who gave a myspace and I only gave it to K.

That was in April. Well me and K have been friends on myspace ever since and we message each other all the time. We even talk on Yahoo messenger sometimes. But the other day we both realized that we had each others numbers and have never used them. Throughout this whole time I've have been slowly falling for her.
A few of the problems are: I'm 16, K is 19, The 300 miles that sepaerate us, The fact that she is going into the millitary, ans so many more. But I'm falling hard and I don't usually fall this hard for anyone.
Should I call her? Should I forget about this? I hope someone know what to do cuz I sure don't.

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I think expecting a

I think expecting a long-term relationship with her is a bad idea, but you can call her without getting your hopes up.

I say call her.

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Thank you for your

Thank you for your input
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