Today I feel....

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Today I feel:
like a failure
and lonely.

I should be studying for maths but I can't bring myself to do it. I feel like it's too pointless to bother, I'll probably fail maths no matter how much I study.....

I dropped the soap in the shower today, and it landed in the perfect position for me to be sexed when I bent down to get it. The chaos gods like to laugh at me apparently. How can I be down and ridiculously horny at the same time anyway?
Oh well.
I helped make Oriental Tofu and Noodles today, it was yummy.
I wish I had some male friends who aren't complete dicks all the time other than J, because whenever I'm with him I get all *blush,blush*
I'm so lonely.
I'd have gone insane if not for Oasis, especially right now. Hugs for all the nice Oasis peoples! *hugs*


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*hugs back* :D "I feel like

*hugs back* :D

"I feel like Nacy Drew in the mystery of the midlife crisis."
-Roger Bannister
The Stepford Wives