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Wow so today i applied to University today. I applied to the University of Western Ontario(london)- Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts (music), Gender-Sexuality and Culture. Carelton University (ottawa) Bachelor of Arts (music). University of Windsor (windsor) Concurrent Education, Bachelor of Arts and ECE program (5 yrs) and last but not least Bachelor of Music Therapy.
I want to go to Westerna nd take the BA with a minor in gender sexuality and culture. The Bachelor of Music could branch of to music Ed but it's alotof music and as much as i love music i don't want it to become my entire life... if you know what i mean.
I'm very excited... it's this huge step. I'm scared to death and very uncertain but I know i want and need to go to western as much as i like the programs at home here at Windsor i need to get away. Windsor is a very small place and there's no room to spread my wings and grow.


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Unless your goal is to be an academic, not sure what the point of gender sexuality and culture is as a minor. Take a class or two as an elective, sure, but I haven't been to any business meetings where the ability to discuss patriarchal constructs would have helped me in the workplace.

The only people who discuss gender at that level and frequency are: transgender people, gay activists, and academics.

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I'm probably going into

I'm probably going into teaching... taking it as a minor means i have a second teachable if i choose to teach highschool. I like taking things that interest me... I have to take a certain amount of electives anyway so the minor... is one more credit then the number of electives i need soo... i get a minor for taking electives plus a second teachable~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~