We Are All Disappointed About Prop 8, but...

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...don't forget that gay marriage is now legal in Connecticut (and of course Massachusetts). Here's a story about it:


As someone who grew up in New England, I find that fascinating, because I never saw NE as particularly progressive. Of course, I was living in Maine, which pretty much explains the disconnect.


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Maine is full of weird.

Maine is full of weird. Stephen King and his stories came from Maine. There's a reason for that. I'm sorry. XD;

I live in NH, (Not near Maine though, the other end towards Mass) It's pretty nice down here, although we get a lot of massholes that don't know how to drive because they like our lack-of-sales tax. D: But I digress.

I heard about Connecticut. It made me happy. I feel like the world is making some kind of slow progress. And as for California, I guess that sometimes progress means a step backwards. But they'll get there too.

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You're crazy. New Hampshire

You're crazy. New Hampshire is upside down and backwards. I can't believe Killington legitimately tried to secede from Vermont to join New Hampshire. Then NH has no seat belt laws or helmet laws. That's insane.

Vermont is where it's at.

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Okay, I agree the Vermont

Okay, I agree the Vermont joining New Hampshire thing was nuts. But at least we don't have the nutcases that Maine has. XD;

And I do like Vermont. But NH is the "Live free or die" state. We have the right to revolt. How cool is that?

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I've heard people say that NH is revolting. Now I get what they mean. XD;

Maine is just fucked up.

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NH sent their electoral

NH sent their electoral votes to Bush in 2004. 'Nuf said.

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What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Not progressive? Vermont is like the liberal mecca of liberalness. I mean, haven't you seen the people that come out of Vermont? We have a fricken social democrat in the senate, Bernie Sanders! The only real independent too (Lieberman doesn't count, his party just doesn't like him).

Possible legislation for gay marriage in Vermont is expected in 2009. If gay marriage is actually legislated in Vermont, it would be the first time that gay marriage has occurred from something other than a court case, but in fact, by the will of a legislative assembly. That would be landmark in my opinion.

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yeah, but they're not california.
yay gay rights.
yay bigots.