What just happend?!

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I don' really know how this just happened, but I'm pretty sure I have a boyfriend...
A coworker of mine who i recently found out is gay just asked me out via the internet and after much indecision i went for it. Seeing as I have absolutely nothing going on as far as my love life is concerned I figure it really can't hurt to at least try it.
My only problem with the situation is that I'm really not attracted to him at all. He has a great personality and we make each other laugh all the time, I know that those are the kinds of things that are supposed to matter and I feel bad for overlooking them because of his appearance.
He really is a sweet guy and being shallow is dumb, I'll get over it and maybe even grow to see him differently. I'm still in shock to tell the truth, I guess I saw this coming I just didn't want to believe it. Maybe I should have said no,but odds are I'd end up regretting not taking the plunge.