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I designed the tattoo that i'm going to get soon. It is a cresenct moon with a rainbow ribbon wrapping down it if i can i will upload a pic. My first tattoo will be the most precious one. In a way i think that it says who i am without spelling it out for everyone. Subtle yet distinct.


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I wish i had the guts to get a tatoo. I'm not. i have a phobia of needles, so the idea of one repeatedly going in and out of my skin makes me slightly nausiated. Wow, my spelling is horrible, I'm going to go crawl into a corner and die.

"Dawn must DIE!!"
Fallon, after watching 'Once More With Feeling' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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That sounds really cool. And

That sounds really cool. And it is very subtle but I think it does say who you are too.
Whatever you do don't put it on your lower back (aka tramp stamp) I think it would take away from something potentially kick ass and make it slutty. :) thats just my opinion though..

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I am going to put in on my

I am going to put in on my lower leg just above and slightly behind the ankle.