you can see my queerness from miles away...

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so aparently i am a becon of queerness... about a week ago my moms friend came over with her grandaughter. her grandaughters name is Zakia. so they interduced us and she did this weird laugh thing ( the kinda of laugh that a cocky dyke sometimes has.) so i had no idea why..
and then her and i got on the computer and i was showing her random stuff. ect
the next day we are talking and aparently she was laughing caz the second she saw me she thought BAM! theres a queer kid!
(btw shes a lesbian too)


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wow. :) i toally have this

wow. :) i toally have this "straight kid" camoflauge on me. I started telling my best friend i might be bi two years ago, but when i actually did the whole "coming out" thing, she said "Oh my god, really!". And she's usually pretty smart.

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same here

same here... no one's ever asked if/assumed I was any kind of queer. At least they haven't told me. It's kinda annoying sometimes, but what are you gonna do.

Maybe her gaydar is just really, really good?