A WICKED death

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Okay so first the death... my tv in my room as been on the fritz the last couples weeks well aobut a minute ago it died... i dont think there's any hope. It just shut off and the little red dot began to blink. I tried the power button on both the remote and TV.... then I unplugged it and plugged it back in.. nothing just some more blinking.... it sucks cuz i basically live in my room. It's my little safe haven.. without my t.v i might have to go downstairs and be aroudn other people when all i want to do is be alone..

On an upside tonight i saw WICKED. It's playing at the DETROIT OPERA HOUSE. I loved, loved, loved it. My father and i went ot gether. Every year around this time we see some kind of performance last year was lion king year before mamma mia and like the 7years prior was the Radio City Rockettes.. then they stopped coming. We've also gone to see the Trans-Sieberian Orchestra (last year) and the Manheim Steam-ROllers (or whatever they're called.. good music weird name) (year before..). But wicked was amazing I want to go see it again!!! I liked the first half better then the second although my favourite part was (even before i saw the musical or anything) was the song Defying Gravity...
I'm not feelin so hott right now.. more later.


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that's really neat. most of my friends love WICKED, but I haven't seen it yet.