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Yeah, so today I cried for the first time in a while. I was listening to this song "Corner" by Staind. When I started crying and it was because of the songs lyrics and the way Aaron(the lead singer) sings it.

"So There's The Corner That I Sat On
The Road I Walked Home In The Rain
And There's The Star I Used To Wish On
It All Just Seems Like Yesterday"

You know. The last night that I spent in my old house my sisters, their significant others, and my nephew and his gf all came over to help with some last minute packing and they were all gonna take some of the things we were just gonna leave behind. So, I over heard at one point during the evening my sisters talking. They were saying that they thought that this abrupt move was "rough" for me. Personally I was excited to be finally moving. I mean I lived in that house my whole life. There were definatly good memories there but the past few years had been horrible. That combined with the fact that I have a bit of a hate for that city (now that I'm older). It was a great place to grow up in, school was pretty good until high school that is(That school was horrible and the teachers were crap), the friends I made in school were awesome, the friends I made on my own street were the best anyone could have. I had so much fun with those guys and couple girls.

By the time we moved everyone of my friends on that street had moved already. I still talk to them and the friends I left behind. I just really needed to get out of there. So, why my sisters would think I'd have issues with moving idk. Anyways my point of writing this. Maybe part of my subconcious is upset with moving. Because when I listened to those lyrics the tears came flowing down. I had a great childhood. All the the memories of when I was younger before He moved back home. The summers I lived for just so I could hang out with P(Ex bf, we were much better as just friends lol),D, T, J, C, A, K, A, D, and M(Even with the dumb ass fights he'd pick with everyone). I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. We played a TON of Street hockey that was basically the best sport ever and my personal fav, playing every other major sport, we'd bike, attempt to skateboard, play Man Hunt(A grown up version of hide and go seek, lol), play Nicky Nicky Nine Doors(Knock on people's doors, run away, hide and watch them answer the door, lol. Some of the reactions were priceless), Going to the park and doing random junk like jumping off the swings in mid air, going to 711 buying lot's of junk food, sleeping over at eachother's houses(We camped out in D and J's backyards a couple times), Building a fort out of the snow bank the snow truck guys left in the middle of the street(We lived on a court) We did that multiple times every year, Playing video games, playing D&D(Nerdy? Yeah, maybe but it was still fun), drawing these mazes on the street using chalk, sledding/tobogganing, snowboarding, trading pokemon cards(He he, that was quite a few years back), trading hockey cards, going to the card show that was at a rec centre every friday. Man, those were the days. I hope I can make friends like that again. We just meshed so well together. We liked to do the same things. I was/am such a tomboy.

So, yeah I think that's why I cried. It's that rememberance of everything that was good about that street and home, it holds a lot of memories. I'd love to re live those days but I couldn't go through what I went through the past few years again. I just couldn't. The minute I started to cry i tried to stop even though I feel that's some what unhealthy. I think if you need to cry you should let it all out or else it all just builds up. But I was afraid my one of my parents would walk in and yeah didn't want them to be all worried. I was already in an extra pissy mood and not realy trying to hide it. Actual thats why I was listening to music to begin with. I was trying to get into a better mood.

Anyways that was kind of pointless journal. But i had to write it down. BTW I'm in a much better mood now I was just playing Rock Band and gawd that game is awesome!