Attack of the Killer Depression (Tomatoes, Beware)

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Hey guys,

I just want to tell you that I am currently experienceing an attack of severe depression. Rather than stay off of here entirely, I am just going to try and not let it influence the comments I make or the advice I give. However, if anything I say seems unduly morose or pessimistic, just take it with a grain of salt, because it's probably just the Depression Hydra rearing one of its ugly heads. Since a lot of you also suffer from the same thing, I'm sure you'll understand where I'm coming from. Severity-wise, on a scale of one to ten...last night was a 25. Today (tonight...I slept today), I'm going to try and work my way out of it, or at least back to a point where things are manageable.

You guys are one of the biggest reasons I can keep on going through these crushing thanks for all that you give back to me.

Love to all,


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I hope you feel a little less depressed soon. *hug*

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Thanks, sweetie.

Thanks, sweetie. *hugs*

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*hugs and cyber

*hugs and cyber cookies*

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Mmmm...cyber cookies.

Mmmm...cyber cookies. :)

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awwww! *huggles* just

awwww! *huggles*

just remember, there's always a sun behind those clouds!

god, that sounded horribly cliched.


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Heh, it's the thought that

Heh, it's the thought that counts. Oops, that's another cliche. Oh, what the hell. We can't be brilliantly original all the time, right? :)

Thanks and hugs,

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- Pat Nelson Childs
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Think of it this

Think of it this way...without the bad times the good times wouldn't feel as amazing. You have to go through the bad to get to the good and I'm hoping that for you the good times are right up around the corner:)

I Hope that you start feeling better soon:D

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Oh baby. :c I understand,

Oh baby. :c

I understand, completely.
I think most of us do.
Keep on writing,
keep on posting journal entries--get it all out.
I've discovered that this is the *one* place that I can write anything and not be judged or made fun of. It's so supportive here, you can never go wrong.

Things will begin to look up.
I promise.


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hang in there pat.

but c'mon dude? a 25??? that's like nuclear meltdown times, end of the world, goiong insane level. lol. as much as you and i disagree on shit pat, hang in there. sometimes i enjoy our little converstions on here. lol. and just so you know, ur not the only one. i was staring down the barrel of a loaded .45 the other ngiht and if it weren't for an im from hyancinthus, i probably wouldn't be here right now.

hope yah feel better dude:) depression sux

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