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Your Mafia Name Is Angel "Crooked Nose" Gambini

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

What's Your Mafia Name?

Today has been ok,had on/off calls w/Vanessa:) and will hopefully talk to her later:D..... Oh,also had some probs. at the library re:printing out Study Guide and I helped a lady who was new to emailing hehe(and got 2 books to read on the plane since there's no movie?!?!?! and hope the books' are as good as the movies' re:visualizing stuff). Good thing is I don't have to take that many attempts for the Practice Quizzes b/c a lot of the answers I need are in my notebook already (from previous attempts for the 3rd Exam we had recently). Did alil bit of Midterm Essay stuff today but am going to really get going on it tomorrow hehe. I'm going to be charging my iPod today(also for plane, maybe in case I need to block out Vanessa's rap hehe),and wish I had some new new songs to add on it(but don't do the illegal downloading hehe),like some Scars on Broadway songs 'They Say/World Long Gone', Bullet for my Valentine singles(except for that 1 song I don't like...), Sixx:AM's 'Life is Beautiful/Tomorrow/Pray for Me, 10 Yrs.'So Long,Goodbye, Apocalyptica'I Don't Care', Five Finger Death Punch's 'Stranger Than Fiction',and Sevendust's 'Praise/Dear God',etc. YUMMY,I'm eating some s'mores now:).....