Boy Trouble

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Man, this guy confuses me so much

I don't know how I feel about relationships - it just seems like one massive game everyone's playing at our age. You have to like them just enough but not too much otherwise you're clingy, but you can't help but like them but you can't admit it. That defeats the purpose of commitment in a relationship and instead you're left to scramble and search for delicate balance of liking them enough but not too much that doesn't exist. And liking them more just makes you more vulnerable - especially if the other person has a big ego.

That's kind of how I feel...

I have a feeling he's flirting, but I think he's not the type to admit his emotions for someone. Like, it feels he has to be the more carefree, controlling, and dominant one and I can feel even if I ask him out he'd continue to 'act' like he doesn't really care EVEN if he does like me a lot - it's just the way he is - like he wants to be like he doesn't really need someone even though he did tell me (to my surprise) that he was a little lonely. I think he just considers that a big weakness, like many guys.

So I'm just kind of stuck in between, I don't want to ask him out because he's playing this stupid 'I don't really care' game which is most likely going to serve his ego and continue like this even if he says yes . so I want him to like me enough to ask me out. Right now all I can do is wait...

Stupid airhead people and relationships.

But I can't say I'm not playing some silly game myself too...

Emotions, love and relationships defy all logic.