Brokeback Mountain and all the times you've crept into my life.

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I think it was a little over a year ago I was at my nephew D's birthday party(It was held at my sister M's house). My mom, dad, my oldest sister C, my other sister M, my sister M's boyfriend(now fiance), my other sister's husband(that she's separated from), my nephew T(who's 7), my other Nephew D and his girlfriend were all there.

So we were all sitting around and my nephew D was looking for a movie to watch when he made a joke about Brokeback Mountain. I think he said something along the lines of " don't have Brokeback mountain?" he said it in a really sarcastic/joking tone of voice and then laughed(he was a 16 year old boy, what else do you expect?). My sister M said "Nope I havn't seen that one" and then unexpectedly my other sister's husband said "It's actually a really good movie"...........I was like huh???? HE watched a gay movie and liked it??? wowza. Not that he's like a homophobe or anything. I actually have no idea what his views are on gay people so I was just surprised.

I knew that he and my sister have had the DVD of Brokeback Mountain for a few years now but they get all sorts of DVDs really cheap from a friend. I remember when I was at there house a few years ago and me and my nephew D were looking through the DVDs and I saw BM and I was like "why do they have Brokeback Mountain?" and he was just like I don't know and laughed.........We used to joke around about it. I was always curious though, as to whether or not they actual watched it. I guess I got my answer, although I don't know if my sister C watched it or not. Hmmm....

Actually when Brokeback Mountain first came out on DVD my parents rented it. I remember being SO surprised that my dad rented it and I was actually happy cause I really wanted to see it. We started to watch it but then once it got to the sex scene he turned it off and wouldn't watch the rest. He was all "Why do they have to do that? They don't need to show that" So needless to say I never had the oppourtunity to watch it that weekend.

I did eventually get to watch it just over a year ago when they played it on The Movie Network on TV. I though it was pretty good but I didn't like it as much as everyone else, maybe someday I'll explain. Right now though, I'm off to read some journals:D


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It is a pretty good

It is a pretty good movie..but Jake Gyllenhall looks and talks exactly like my brother. and so the whole movie he kept reminding me of my brother like he always does, even though my brother is married with 2 kids. so that part was really weird. but other than that I thought it was a fairly good movie. :)

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Ha ha, that must of been

Ha ha, that must of been pretty weird and akward:)

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I watched the movie with my mom and when the sex part came along, she just sighed and headed to the washroom while I stared at the TV screen with my small eyes LOL The ending saddens me... Why do a mass of gay movies have to have a dark ending? *puzzled* We just watched it because it's famous, you know the awards and such, but I liked it, as I did to most movies. =D

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I don't know what's up with all of the dark endings in queer movies. The ending was really sad but it also holds one of my favourite parts. Where Heath Ledger's character is in Jake Gyllenhall's room and he takes one of Jake's shirts out and holds it and starts to cry........It was really heartfelt to me and one of the most genuine moments of the film. I just really felt that part:)

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