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My high school used to have a fundraiser every year: this one club would sell carnations, to be sent to a fellow student of the buyer's choice, and the money would go to a hospital. The carnations were always delivered on Valentine's day. Some people sent them to friends, some to boyfriends/girlfriends. Some of the more popular kids would actually get multiple flowers.

Since I'm almost a whole semester into college, I'm not sure why I'm thinking about that right now. But there are two things I remember about it.

One is that, although I was never sure who I could have sent a flower to, I always felt bad that I never did. This may be because I never felt I was being quite fair... since the other thing I remember is how much I always wished somebody (anybody; no one in particular) would send me a flower for Valentine's Day. Nobody ever did, of course.

I guess I'm just a little lonely today. There's two people in my dorm who are clearly in love, and whenever I see them hug it tugs my heartstrings a little because they look like they have exactly what I want most in the world.

Well... at least I have the class that B is in tomorrow. :-)


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My school does the same thing, every year i think the same thing.