Chasing Pavements

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I got invited to a party last night. It was by people that I've only hung out with a couple of times. And the times we hung out we drank. I'm kinda over that shit right now. There was gonna be more than acohol at that party and I'm not into that stuff. The people that invited me have told me stories about what's happened other times they went to this persons house to party and they always ended with them passing out. I've never drank so much I passed out and I wanna keep it that way.

Bleh. So I spent my Friday night at home and babysat Aiden and watched some South of Nowhere episodes. Ever since he has been born I just wanna do some stuff right. Not be dumb for once.

At school yesterday I was in the bathroom with Sara and this girl walks in with a bunch of her friends. We were talking and she was like "Honestly I don't see how you can't be all over Miguel in Spanish." (Miguel is a foreign exchange student that is man-pretty and all the normal girls at my school would fuck him in a heartbeat. Just him and me sit at a table in Spanish class) Sara just looked at me and started laughing and walked out of the bathroom. Its times like that that make it funny to not be completly out. Cuz all I can think is, oh if only they knew.


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haha oh man

=\it is really funny to not be completely out, sometimes. do you ever find yourself having conversations with someone who knows about your gayness in front of a group of people who don't know and you and the friend who do know are making references about your gayness but kinda like secretly? and everyone else is super confused... and it's super funny... haha