comments from my mom...and thanks Oasisians

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So..............I was watching TV with my parents today and we were watching Bonnie Hunt's talk show. So, Mellisa Etheridge is talking to Bonnie about her kids and stuff....when she says "my wife Tammy bakes....."
My dad's like "Wife??? Is that what she said?...Jesus" and he sorta chuckles.
And my moms like "yeah" and they have a bit of a laugh.....ha's so funny.....whatever
Then they are quiet for a bit and then my mom says "How can she call herself a mom and have a wife???"......something along those lines.....
Then my dad says "well, they're a same-sex couple....that's the way it is".............WTF??? Huh, I don't get it he makes a comment/crack about her having a wife and then says that....I don't really get it.....
My mom's just like "well, I know but......................"

My moms comments are starting to get to me.......They didn't really used to get to me but now it's like enough! I was almost ready to speak up today but I didn't....I just let it go. Sometimes I do though, I make it a point to say that I'm fine with queer people and that they are just like "us" you know?

Sometimes she's just trying to be funny but it's serious comments about gay couples marrying and raising children that bother me. Mostly, because I can joke around about queer celebrities too...I mean the nothing little jokes. But the comments about gay people and them marrying and raising children....they stab me right in the heart....they are a sore spot for me because at some point I hope to have my own children....that's important to me. Since I was a kid I remember thinking about growing up and having my own being gay doesn't change any of that...not one thing.

Sorry mom but one day I'm probably gonna be raising my own children with my girlfriend......I hope your there to be a part of your grandchildrens lives. It would suck if you weren't all because you couldn't get over the fact that I don't need or want a guy....and that the person that stole my heart happen to be a girl.........woop dee do!!!

Sorry, I feel a little upset after thinking about this......I need to listen to some music and make it all just wash away.

Oh, thanks to everybody here on Oasis who wished me a Happy Birthday:) It was really nice.....Sometimes on days like this you need that little extra boost. So, thanks:)


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ah. that's gotta hurt. I'm

ah. that's gotta hurt. I'm sorry.

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*hug* that really

*hug* that really sucks....i really hope your mom can get over herself by the time you have kids...well, hopefully long before that, but you know what i mean.

i didn't wish you happy b-day on here, (for selfish, awful reasons), but i DID send you a message on live! :) does that count? in case it doesn't, happy HAPPY birthday (a few days late, but still...), and lots of good wishes and happy thoughts for the coming year of your life. *hugs*

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Thanks:) I hope so too. You

Thanks:) I hope so too.

You did? I havn't been on live in a while cause I don't have my Xbox hooked up to the internet. Thanks for the thought:)

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Awww, that sucks, I'm sorry.

Awww, that sucks, I'm sorry. *hug* But I think that, she'll get more used to the idea after you come out to her, although it might take her a while. I hope the situation gets better. It sounds like it hurts.

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Sometimes her comments do sting.

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That must have hurt bad :( I

That must have hurt bad :(

I didn't know it was your Birthday, sorry.
Happy belated birthday~

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Thanks alot:)

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I didn't know it was your birthday, so... happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great one.

Also, about your parents' comments... I'm sorry. I know how awful that can feel, because my mom's said some similar stuff in the past about bisexuals. However, some good news is that after I came out to her as bi, she came to me about a week later and said she remembered saying some things before that might have been hurtful, and she apologized, and then even later she told me she'd rethought things and could understand better. Which I thought was amazing. Now, I think she really gets it. So, your parents might make an effort to understand things, that they might not otherwise, once they know they're important to you.

Just thought I'd share a success story!

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Thanks:) It was a pretty good birthday

Wow, that's really nice that your mom came and apoligized like that. I think it's really cool that she was so accepting and understanding. I can only hope that my mom will be like that when I come out her. There's a definite possibility that she will, but I'm not for sure. My dad's pretty cool about gays and lesbians....more so than my mom so I really shouldn't have any problems with him. I think, though, that you're right that they would make an effort to understand better and not make these awful comments.....well, one can hope anyways.

I honestly appreciate your story, thanks:D

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