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I wish I was special
You're so fucking special

But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here

Man, I love that song. I was playing it on Rock Band I was playing the drums. I'm now in love with it it's just awesome. I'm a creep/I'm a weirdooooooo. Now, are there better lyrics than that? lol. I love it. I was singing it this morning in Rock Band. I actually did a pretty good job if I may say so myself. I had to make my voice go low to match the pitch it was funny...I'm sure it sounded weird. Luckily I was smart and got up early before my parents got home and sang to my hearts content. So no one was home(but the dogs) to hear my crappy singing:D.

I actually just got Rock Band yesterday. It's an early Birthday present I bought for my self. My B-day is in a couple of weeks and I'm turning 21 so that's pretty cool. And man I have to add that playing "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden with the drums is rediculously awesome. I've always loved that song so playing the drums on it is so cool. I love (most of) the song selections. Much better than Guitar Hero 1 and 2 in my opinion.

Wow! I just watched music video for "Black Hole Sun" it's really creepy and messed up. So of course I love it.:D


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Creep = Best song ever.

Creep = Best song ever. Although I have to give it to 'Ambulance' by TV on the Radio for best love song. It takes abit, but when you understnad the lyrics, well, it is hands down the best love song ever written. Check it out.

Holy shit. The 'Black Hole Sun' music vidoe is freaking creepy. Not to mention demented. Although, I do find myself suddenly struggling with the urge to roast a barbie. But I probably shouldn't seeing as melting plastic is bad for the environment.

"Dawn must DIE!!"
Fallon, after watching 'Once More With Feeling' of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Ha ha. Creep has definetly

Ha ha. Creep has definetly become one of my favourite songs. It's so awesome. And I've never heard 'Ambulance' before so I will definetly be checking that one out.

Ha ha. It's definetly a super messed up video but that's what makes it so great. All the creepy/weird people in the video and the expressions on their faces. They're like demented clowns.:D

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