Does anyone know...

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Of any music stores in or near Toronto that sell Jackson guitars? Because I'm trying to price guitars and the Jackson website has no prices.
Look at that beautiful thing. lol.

Hmm yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with Verity. Verity's dad asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said no. He said "Yeah right, how am I supposed to believe that!" and she said "Well, it's not like I go anywhere unexplainedly. I'm always here. If I did have a boyfriend he would be extremely neglected." Then her dad started asking her which of our friends have boyfriends. He asked about Mich; she doesn't any more. He asked about G; she doesn't. Then he got to Stef and said "Well I know Stef does" Then he got to me and said "I'm going to assume that (my name) doesn't..." I was like....WHAT THE HELL HAHAHA. Does everyone know I'm gay?

Two of my friends made lists as to why they thought I was... now Verity's dad... What is this... I swear I was good at hiding it. I don't think so anymore. Jeez.

A book I ordered on December seventh finally came today. It's called "The Wives of Bath", it's the book that the movie "Lost and Delirious" is based on. I love that movie so I ordered the book to get more details. Apparently the book is a fair bit different from the movie so.

I'm listening to Metallica and it's fun. I wish I could play the guitar like Alexi Laiho... even though he isn't in Metallica. Still. I play guitar, just not that awesome-ly. I play saxophone too. Alto. And the bass. Oh damn, the song just ended and went to U2 and I'm not feelin' it right now, so back to Metallica we go. Ride the Lightning. Bitch.


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1. That is a beauteous

1. That is a beauteous guitar. However, I know nothing about music stores anywhere near you.
2. On the bright side, you don't have to go through the struggles of coming out!
3. I, too, am listening to Metallica!

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2. This is true hahah. 3.

2. This is true hahah.

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oh!! that guitar is... :D lol i can definitely see why you want it.

yeah, i've had friends who've made lists of all the ways i'm gay. lol it's kinda funny. and as long as they're not being mean to you about it, i say, just go with it. enjoy it! :P

and please tell me if you ever get that guitar so that i can be insanely jealous and come up to toronto to kill you and steal it. :D lol...okay, maybe not the second and third, but that is one awesome guitar!

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hahahaha. I'll tell you if I

hahahaha. I'll tell you if I ever get that beautiful guitar. But there is no way you will be able to steal it because I will have army men guarding it! ha!

and the list thing is really funny. Especially when they read it to you and it's a really long list lol.

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good luck getting the guitar dude. im sure there is a retailer near toronto where you can pick one up...and if not, there's always musicians friend and guitar centers online. lol. well, maybe your new years resolution should be to hide it better. lol. funny that everyone on here's friends seem to have made lists. lol.

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