Facebook Picks Pretty Shitty Times Not To Work

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So I drafted a letter. I'm sending it to her. I showed it to Nikki. Her response was:
◦ "ηikki!" ›››› haaaaaaugh? says:
◦◦ "ηikki!" ›››› haaaaaaugh? says:

I showed it to Verity. Her response was:
Verity···× ѕαtιѕfу my søul. ! ]«* says:
Verity···× ѕαtιѕfу my søul. ! ]«* says:
thats gooood

So here it is:
"Wow Maddie. Am I worth that little to you, that you think you can just brush me off continually and then find yourself a girlfriend and pretend like nothing happened? Did you ever stop and think that maybe I have feelings? Did you think I would just understand and not be bothered by this? The first time you started seeing someone else at least you had the decency to tell me. You even said so yourself that telling me was better than having me find out by myself.

I was pretty stupid to have thought you wouldn't do this a second time. Briana warned me and I didn't listen. So now I'm stuck feeling like absolute crap. It's fucking awesome. Thanks. Honestly, you've caused me more pain than anyone else I know. Sure, you made me happy for a little while. But a week of happiness isn't worth three or four of pain. So thanks again, bud. You've taught me a valuable lesson. It's ok to be a jerk to someone, because as long as you're happy that's all that matters right?"

If facebook would WORK now so I could SEND this...
I feel kinda bitchy, but it's not like I said anything untrue or dishonest or exaggerated. It's not like I called her a bitch and was really rude. I just told the truth so. She is going to have to deal with that.
I feel a little better now.


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...wow, burn. But yeah, it's

...wow, burn.
But yeah, it's blunt but not rude.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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What's most important is

What's most important is whether it makes you feel better. Just getting it out usually has that effect. It wasn't hateful, just blunt and truthful.

At some point in the future, try and forgive her. That will make you feel better still, especially in the years to come.


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