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I am going to try to keep the other workshop I've announced in the other post strictly for those 18 and under. However, since a couple of you young adults have expressed an interest in doing the project, let's see if we can set one up just for you.

First, let me see who's up for it. If you're currently age 19 or over, and want to participate in a fiction writing workshop, mentored by yours truly, please reply here or PM me. I'll give it a week or so to see how many people express interest, then I'll figure out how to work it into the schedule. It may have to run in the spring & summer, or stretch over a longer period so that the 18 and under project won't be neglected, so keep that in mind. This will be a one-on-one type thing, not a group project, so we don't have to worry about scheduling everyone together. It'll be strictly on your own time, though I will set up a bulleting board or something so project participants can talk to one another.

So let me know if you want in. I'll update everyone in a few days and let you know what's what.


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I'm interested. - One

I'm interested.

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Im in

Ill be 19 in 9 days is that ok?

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where? I'd love to.